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Vision is only one of your five senses, but you use and need
it more than all the other senses put together......TAKE CARE OF IT!
N If a foreign object gets into your eye and you cannot remove it by ordinary means,
consult a doctor at once. Caustic chemicals, glass, or particles of metal can cause perma-
nent damage if not treated immediately. Never rub the eye; it could cause more serious
damage. If chemicals splash into your eyes, flush them immediately with water
N Our eyes can tire from close work. To rest them, close them for a minute, or look off
in the distance.
N Use eye protection, such as safety glasses, when engaged in work or play which might
involve danger to the eyes.
N Don't watch television in a dark room Remove objects which cause bright reflections
on the TV screen.
N Have your eyes examined at least once every two years. Vision problems can cause
headaches, nausea, general fatigue, tenseness, and discomfort. Even if you wear glasses,
make sure they are adequate. Your vision changes often, and lenses must be changed
also to provide clear, comfortable, and efficient seeing. Early detection and correction of
eye and vision problems are important for the maintenance of eye health and good vision.
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