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Here are some responses to this week’s question: Is the all-way stop at Highway 150 (Pacolet Hwy.) and Oneal Street a good idea?


MELISSA HUFFMAN MCABEE: No, it is too close to the red light and will cause a backup. School traffic is no joke at that red light. Sometimes it is backed up all the way to 150. So the 3-way could just cause more problems.

SHAWN POTEAT CASEY: It will be a disaster! I plan to avoid the area completely. People fly over the hill on Oneal and it’s too close to the red light.

AMANDA DIXON: No. I make that turn every day going to Limestone Central school. That’s going to be one more screwed up mess, with even more delays. Half the people don’t even know what to do at an allway stop. Don’t believe me? Drive down to the college and watch the idiots there every day trying to figure out whose turn it is or just saying, “the heck with it, I’m going next.”

DARREN WILLIAMS: No! Dumbest idea ever. Was just discussing this Friday on the way to the game and it is too close to the traffic lights. I plan on taking a different route now and it’s just going to cause a lot more traffic on side streets for people who don’t want to wait at the stop signs.

JT SPIRES: Need to get a traffic light there, and get rid of the one at Limestone and Oneal.

CINDY FOSTER HUGHEY: No. You’re going to go through the light, then have to stop. Talk about a backup. There will be a lot of accidents. I know I’ll go another way.

TINA DENNISS WADDELL: I really think it is a good idea. I have been living this way for 14 years, but my biggest fear is that it’s too close to the red light.

FAYE DICKSON: No. This will cause confusion. Most people don’t stop at stop signs anyway. Ninety percent of the time when I’m at the 4-way signs at the college, one or more cars don’t stop.

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