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Believes we can have it all

Dear Mr. Sossamon:

Thank you for what I know to be the good, time-consuming, and thorough research by your staff at The Gaffney Ledger, and for your honest, fair and objective articles regarding the proposed performing arts center.

I worked for the City of Gaffney and alongside the many volunteers who gave their time and expertise during the early planning stages of this project. I was directly involved in much of the same research and came to the same conclusions as in your articles.

Performing arts centers, museums, football and softball teams, schools, swimming pools and ice rinks are not proposed, built or supported for the money they themselves generate, nor are they expected to be totally self-supported. They are proposed and built for the educational, cultural, social and athletic advantages and opportunities they provide to the citizens, and because of the pride the citizens take in their community and in their ability to work together for the success of common goals that include opportunities for all.

Now is the time to move forward together to build the proposed performing arts center. The profits will come through the benefits it will provide all members of the community regardless of age; a recreational outlet, a place and opportunity to test and achieve dreams, as well as a social meeting place.

Profits for our community will also come as the need for expansion of current and the development of new small businesses, growth in order to serve the shopping, dining, and travel needs of local residents and visitors attending performances.

Further benefits can arise from the consideration of larger companies to locate in Cherokee as they see the pride we take in our community and the efforts we make to provide the benefits families desire.

Don’t be afraid the support of a performing arts center might take away funding or community support for our football and other sports teams, for Limestone College, for the need for a community pool or the desire for an ice rink.

If we care enough, work together and want all we can possibly provide for our children, teens and adults we “can have it all.” Support builds support and success builds success.

Now is the time to move forward with this project, and to begin the planning for future projects. Not just a community pool, but at the least a junior olympics pool that could be home to a winning swim team and host swim meets with teams from around the state as well as providing summer recreation. And an ice rink? Not so far-fetched. Why not plan for a rink that in addition to a fun Saturday, also gives figure-skating lessons and is home to an ice hockey team?

Yes, I believe we can have it all.

Patricia Throneburg
Gaffney, SC

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