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Deputies bring in bloodhounds to track fireworks thief


Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office deputies brought out their bloodhounds following the discovery of a burglary at a Cherokee Avenue fireworks business June 30.

According to an incident report, someone broke into Floyd Fireworks in the 1100 block between 4 p.m. June 29 and 8:24 a.m. June 30 by busting out a glass door.

Responding deputies observed fireworks scattered on the ground nearby. Deputies requested the bloodhounds in the hopes of tracking a suspect. It was not reported if the dogs picked up a scent.

It was unclear how many fireworks were stolen.

  • A man going through his deceased father’s possessions ended up turning over one item to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office for destruction. According to a June 30 report, the local resident found a sawed-off shotgun that he knew was illegal because of its short length and asked the sheriff’s office to take it off his hands. The sheriff’s office plans to destroy the weapon.
  • A man reported the theft of his wallet by two men armed with a knife. According to a June 30 report by the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, a resident of 5th Street claimed he was walking along Cherokee Avenue when two men armed with a knife approached, demanded his cash and then took his wallet. The man’s wallet contained a debit card and identification card.
  • Several items were reported stolen following a June 30 burglary at a local construction site. According to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, someone entered a work site on Hamlet Road between 7 p.m. June 29 and 7 a.m. June 30 and took a Craftsmanbrand lead blower, a gas can and stretchable cords.
  • Two televisions were reported stolen following a burglary on Beech Street. According to the Gaffney Police Department, someone entered a residence in the 600 block between 7:30 p.m. June 29 and 8:34 a.m. June 30. The resident came home to find a front door unlocked. A 55-inch Samsung-brand plasma television and a 46- inch Magnavox-brand LED television were missing. The televisions are valued at $1,300.
  • An estimated $800 in damage was reported following a June 30 hit-and-run incident at an East Frederick Street restaurant. According to the Gaffney Police Department, someone struck a silver-colored 2010 Chrysler parked outside the McDonald’s in the 1500 block between 11:50 a.m. and 12:06 p.m., damaging the rear bumper, front passenger door and right front fender.
  • Two window air conditioning units were reported stolen June 29 from a storage building behind a Short Peeler Street home. According to the Gaffney Police Department, a witness saw a known subject going into the storage building at approximately 5 p.m. and asked the man what he was doing. The man claimed he had permission to move the air conditioning units so they wouldn’t be stolen, police were told.
  • A Florida woman contacted Gaffney police June 30 after learning that a duplicate credit card had been requested in her name and delivered to an address on Russell Street in Gaffney. According to an incident report, the woman from Naples, Fla., received a confirmation letter about the transaction but says she never requested a duplicate credit card. The woman told police she canceled the credit card. Police were given the mailing address where the duplicate card was supposed to be delivered.
  • A spare tire was stolen from a truck parked at a Shelby Highway gas station. According to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, someone took the spare tire from underneath a tractortrailer driven by a Boomer, N.C., resident while he was parked in the 400 block between 4 p.m. June 29 and 5 a.m. June 30. The spare tire is valued at $300. Deputies planned to check security camera footage.
  • A license plate was reported stolen June 30 from Judd Road in Blacksburg. According to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, someone took the South Carolina plate from a 1997 Ford parked in the 100 block.
  • City of Gaffney police reported the arrest of a 21- year-old Gaffney man following an investigation into an alleged armed robbery on North Limestone Street. According to an incident report, a 19-year-old woman went to a location on North Limestone Street on July 6 at 2:20 p.m. for the purchase of a cell phone arranged through social media. It is alleged that Tyler Nyyera Dawkins, of North Granard Street, met the woman there and got into her vehicle. He allegedly asked the woman to see the $200 cash for the phone to “make sure it was real,” the victim told police, and she responded by demanding to see the phone. Dawkins allegedly produced a small portion of a phone out of his pocket and the woman saw that it had a crack on the screen. When told she was no longer interested, police were told, Dawkins allegedly tried to negotiate a lower price for the phone and then pulled out a small, grey-colored handgun from his left pocket. The woman told police that Dawkins pulled back the slide on the gun and then tried to remove money from her shorts. The woman told police she grabbed her boyfriend’s handgun, which had been located in the driver’s side door console, and told Dawkins to get out of her car. Police wrote in their report they learned Dawkins’ name and birth date from his alleged social media interaction with the woman and then tracked him down using driver’s license records.  Following his arrest, Dawkins allegedly admitted he had pointed a gun at the woman and tried to take her money, police wrote in their report. Dawkins allegedly told police he threw the gun in “some bushes” behind a nearby residence but police said they could not find the weapon.
  • City of Gaffney police were called to investigate two separate reports of gunfire damage July 4 and July 5 in the same block of North Limestone Street. According to an incident report, a resident of the 900 block of North Limestone Street spotted a hole in the window of her daughter’s bedroom and also found a spent bullet on the floor. The gunshot damage occurred between 2 p.m. and 11:40 p.m. No injuries were reported. Some nearby witnesses were able to provide police with a possible nickname for a suspect but no one saw anyone fire a shot. Between late July 4 and 8:45 a.m. July 5, according to a second report, a bullet struck a back window of a business in the 900 block. A spent bullet was found in the hallway by the window, police were told. Damage in that case is estimated at $300.
  • City of Gaffney police were called July 6 to another shoplifting incident at the local Polo outlet. According to the latest report, two women entered the business at the Gaffney Premium Outlets at approximately 5 p.m. and one of the women allegedly served as a lookout while the other concealed an estimated $238 in clothing. A witness was able to tell police that the women got into a grey Nissan that had a North Carolina license plate, which police traced to a Glenwood Drive, Charlotte, address.
  • Two people from Tennessee who were involved in a July 3 crash on Interstate 85 in Gaffney filed a police complaint alleging that a large amount of cash was stolen from them following the wreck. According to an incident report, a woman and man from Memphis were involved in an accident near the 90 Mile Marker at approximately 4 p.m. July 3. At approximately 11 p.m. the same day, the woman and man filed a complaint with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, indicating that $6,000 in cash was missing from their vehicle.
  • A vehicle was reported stolen early July 5 on 13th Street. According to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, someone took a silver-colored 2011 Chevrolet pickup truck from the 600 block between 1:30 a.m. and 1:50 a.m.

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