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Candidate still mulling his options

By SCOTT POWELL Ledger Staff Writer spowell@gaffneyledger.com

Danny Stacy is considering whether he will continue his legal challenge of the S.C. House District 29 election results.

Stacy has called into question the 63-vote victory by new state Rep. Dennis Moss in the Nov. 7 election. Stacy and Moss ran for the House District 29 seat vacated by recently retired state Rep. DeWitt McCraw.

On Friday, Stacy said he will spend the next several days making a decision on whether he will appeal last week’s state Election Commission decision to the state House of Representatives. He has up to 10 days to file an appeal after the Election Commission denied his protest of the election results.

“The State Election Commission’s action verifies our contention that voters were assigned to incorrect House districts,” Stacy said. “I am hopeful that the Election Commission will take action to correct this condition so that future elections accurately and absolutely reflect the will of the citizens of the district.”

In his protest petition, Stacy cited what he claims are a number of voting problems in Cherokee, Chester and York counties in the House District 29 race. He presented his arguments during a daylong hearing before the Election Commission on Dec. 14.

“While there might have been voters in the election who did not live in House District 29 and some eligible voters who voted outside the district, there were insufficient numbers to render the outcome in doubt,” the state Election Commission said in a statement. Stacy said the commission’s ruling supports his viewpoint that improper voting procedures were followed.

“Clearly, there were a large number of voters residing in District 29 who were not given the opportunity to vote in the recent House District 29 election, and even more voters who did vote, but should not have. In all, we found 249 vote discrepancies,” Stacy said. “The commission chose to overlook these discrepancies based on legal technicalities; however, this does not change the fact that the irregularities occurred. We hope these problems can be solved before the next election.”

Stacy expressed his appreciation to voters for their support.

“Again, I am deeply grateful for the voters who supported me in the recent election, and I pledge to continue my efforts to correct these types of voting irregularities,” Stacy said.

Moss is getting ready for the new state legislative session on Jan. 9 in Columbia.

Moss said he has always been confident that the House District 29 election results would stand even with a closer examination of the voting process.

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